Paintball Hours For November, February, March and Aprilo - By Booking Only

December and Janary we are closed

Please click the following link for Paintball prices.  Thank you.

 Large groups please call in advance.


**All participants are required to follow the rules, regulations and referee decisions on and off the field. If anyone is found to be unable or unwilling to abide by the rules or acts in a way that may endanger themselves or others, a first warning will be given. If a player continues to disregard any rules following the first warning, that player may be asked to sit out a period of time or discontinue play for the rest of the day**

Paintball safety rules

1) You must wear your mask at all times unless in a designated safe zone

2) The barrel sock must remain on the marker unless a referee tells you to take it off and it must be on before entering the safe zone and dead box

3) If you are within 10 feet of somebody you must yell “surrender” and the other player must comply, if you both yell surrender you are both out

4) No blind firing or cracking shooting (You must be looking where you are shooting and may only shoot through an area larger than your mask)

5) You must start each round on the ground floor of buildings 

6) No aggressive conduct or contact, verbal or physical

7) Do not shoot animals

8) Do not shoot into the air

9) Dead players don’t talk to live players

10) Stay within the field limits

11) No drugs or alcohol

12) Do not pick up paintballs that are on the ground

13) The referee has final call

You are out if

1) A paintball hits you and breaks 

2) You call yourself out

3) The ref calls you out

4) You run out of paint or air

5) Your equipment is malfunctioning 

When you are out

Raise your marker and arms above your head and call out “hit” or “out” and go to the safe-zone or dead box. Before entering the safe-zone or dead box put on your barrel sock and safety. Do not remove your mask until you are inside the dead box or past the entry zone in the staging area.

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